Lynne Krayer-Luke, Flutist and Body Mapping Specialist

Body Mapping

What is Body Mapping?    

The Body Map is one’s self-representation in one’s brain. We all have in our brains, representations of our bodies, including the musculoskeletal system, known as the body maps. However, it is the representations (the maps), not the actual structure, that determines how we move. If a person’s body maps are accurate and adequate, movement is good. If a person has an inaccurate or inadequate body map, however, they will move in a way which is inconsistent with the actual structure of the body. This can result in uncoordinated movement which can lead to inefficient technique, pain, and even injury. The good news is that the body maps are amendable! 

In Body Mapping one learns to gain conscious access to the body maps, and then correct or refine their body maps where it is necessary. The process of amending the body maps begins by examining what one believes to be true about his/her own body. This information can then be compared to accurate information provided by anatomical pictures, books, teachers, mirrors, and kinesthetic experiences. As the body maps are amended, inefficient harmful movement is replaced by efficient, coordinated, graceful movement that allows the musician to play like a natural.

A Case for Body Mapping
Just how prevalent is pain and injury among musicians?  Read about it here and learn why Body Mapping is a great antidote.  

Workshops     Lynne is available to present Body Mapping workshops.  Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your group, be it a flute club, music school, private studio, or ensemble.  Click here for more information.

Individual Sessions Lynne is available for private Body Mapping sessions for any instrumentalist.    Click here for more information.

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