Lynne Krayer-Luke, flutist and Body Mapping specialist

Body Mapping Resources

Conable, Barbara.  What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body: The Practical Application of Body Mapping to Making Music.  Portland, OR: Andover Press. [Later editions published in Chicago by GIA Publications].

This book, written by Barbara Conable and illustrated by her son, Ben Conable, is a terrific book to start with if you are new to Body Mapping.  The book is filled mostly with illustrations.  Text may be sparse, but it is very direct and to the point.

Conable, Barbara and Conable, William.  How to Learn the Alexander Technique: A Manual for Students.  Columbus, OH: Andover Press. [Later editions published in Chicago by GIA Publications]

This book is written by Barbara Conable, as well as William Conable, who is the creator of the Body Mapping method.  This book has fewer illustrations, and is mostly text.  In this book the concept of Body Mapping is integrated with an explanation of the Alexander Technique.  New Body Mapping students may find the chapter on “Common Mapping Errors” to be particularly useful.

Pearson, Lea.  Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body.  Columbus, OH: Flutibia.

Dr. Pearson’s Body Mapping book for flutists addresses a lot of the specific issues that flutists have.  This book not only contains a wealth of Body Mapping information, it also contains exercises to help you explore this information.  Teaching tips and “helpful fantasies” are also included.

Blakeslee, Sandra and Blakeslee, Matthew.  The Body has a Mind of Its Own: How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better.  New York: Random House

This book written by Sandra and her son, talks about the more scientific side of the body maps.  Sandra is an award-winning science writer for the New York Times.  She does a beautiful job in this book of explaining a complicated neuroscience concept to laymen.  Though scientific papers are not documented formally, she does describe specific studies which resulted in ground-breaking discoveries about the body maps.  While, the information in this book is not necessary to learn the Body Mapping method, some may find the information interesting as well as reassuring.