Lynne Krayer-Luke, Flutist and Body Mapping Specialist

Private Lessons

Lynne enjoys teaching all ages and levels.  She has taught beginning students, students preparing to attend conservatory on scholarship, adult amateurs, and everything in between.  She strives to cultivate a safe, supportive learning environment for students, encouraging dialogue and exchange of ideas and insights.  Her goal is always to help her students become their own teacher.

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Lynne has changed my sound!  She's given me the tools, insights and support that have enabled me to develop the strong and free tone which makes playing flute a joy.  Her knowledge of the body and the precise way in which it is used while playing flute lays the foundation for developing technique intelligently, always in service of the music.

I appreciate Lynne's endless creativity, as she is always finding new ways for me to practice and think about music. Her observations about what's going on in difficult passages are spot-on and clearly articulated. With patience and enthusiasm she helps me find better ways to create sound, and, as a result, our sessions together have revitalized my practice at home.

Music is a very personal expression and what a teacher says can greatly influence the quality of that expression on many levels.  Working with Lynne has had a most positive effect on my playing and in a remarkably short time.  Thank you, Lynne!
-Leslie Roberts, Gyrotonics instructor, flutist